Clean Teeth Finger Wipes front
Clean Teeth Finger Wipes back
Clean Teeth Finger Wipes front
Clean Teeth Finger Wipes back

Clean Teeth Finger Wipes


  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS - made with Thyme Oil and Green Tea Extract
  • FOR REGULAR USE - Use up to once per day or as needed for best results.
  • EASY TO USE - This specially designed wipe allows the pet owner to be guided by their own touch when cleaning their pet’s teeth.

Product Details


Purified water, Denatured Alcohol, Glycerin, Emulsifier, Preservative, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Spearmint Oil, Deodorizer, Thyme Oil, Sucralose, Citric Acid.

Directions for Use

Introduce your dog to the smell and texture of the product. With the finger wipe on your finger, gently rub the teeth and gums in a circular motion.

Repeat with clean finger wipe if necessary and dispose of used finger wipes. Use up to once per day or as needed. For best results allow no food or water 30 minutes before and after application.


How do I determine the expiration date of my products?

Natural Care topicals are typically tested for their effectiveness for 3 years following the manufactured date, which is the date listed on the product.

Can I use products on pregnant or young animals (i.e. puppies/kittens)?

Unless explicitly listed on the label, our products are designed for use in animals 12 weeks of age or older and should not be used on pregnant or nursing animals. If you have questions regarding appropriateness of a product for your pet, please consult with your trusted veterinarian to best determine what products would be a best fit for your individual animal’s needs.

How often can I apply the product?

Please follow usage instructions on the label of the product regarding appropriate cadence of application. Reapplying products sooner than advised does not increase the effectiveness of the product and can result in unintended side effects in your pet.