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Our promise is to deliver plant-based products that not only protect your pets but also the spaces you share. Every product is created to maintain a clean and safe environment when used as directed, ensuring that your home is as welcoming and protected as your love for your pet.

natural care home protection

Home Protection Categories

Transform your home into a pet-friendly, flea- and tick-free sanctuary with our natural plant-powered solutions for home.

Banish fleas, ticks, roaches, bed bugs, flies and other pests the eco-friendly way with our Flea and Tick Home Defense products!

Plus plant-powered cleaners for tough pet messes like urine and odors.

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A bulldog with a tube of toothpaste balanced on his nose.
A small dog sitting next to a bottle of natural care 2 puppy shampoo
A dog sitting in a bathtub with a bottle of shampoo and conditioner
Two dogs sitting on a wicker chair with a bottle of dog food nearby.
wo bulldogs sitting next to flea and tick products on the floor.
A bulldog standing next to a bottle of shampoo.
A dog sitting in a bathtub with a bottle of natural dog shampoo
A dog curiously peeks out from behind a shower curtain, next to a bottle of natural dog shampoo
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