Frequently Asked Questions

My pet licked his/her coat after application, is that ok?

While inadvertent ingestion of the product in minimal amounts is generally not a concern, this product is not intended for ingestion and oral exposure to pets through grooming or other related activities and should be prevented until the product has fully dried. Please note that drying time is typically within 30 minutes of application but can vary depending on the home’s ambient conditions, coat thickness/type, and amount applied.

Can I use this product on species other than what is listed on the package?

We do not advise using this product for a species that is not listed on the label as the formula has not been validated as safe and effective for any species other than what is listed on the packaging.

Can I use products on pregnant or young animals (i.e. puppies/kittens)?

Unless explicitly listed on the label, our products are designed for use in animals 12 weeks of age or older and should not be used on pregnant or nursing animals. If you have questions regarding appropriateness of a product for your pet, please consult with your trusted veterinarian to best determine what products would be a best fit for your individual animal’s needs.

How long will it take for the product to work/when will I see results?

The time from application to results varies and can be impacted by many different factors including maturity of the ticks/fleas, how often the product is used, number of ticks/fleas present on the pet and environment, etc. As a result, it may take a few cycles of applications to kill all life cycles of ticks/fleas along with managing the ticks/fleas in your pet’s environment. Please note that natural flea and tick products are best suited for maintenance and prevention in your pet. If your pet is experiencing a severe infestation, we recommend consulting with your trusted veterinarian regarding an appropriate treatment path moving forward.

Can I use your product with (or immediately before/after) other flea and tick prevention products?

We do not recommend applying multiple topical products directly to your pet as they may lead to unintended side effects. However, utilizing a product to treat the pet’s environment (indoor and outdoor) along with a topical product (such as a flea and tick collar or spot on drops) is a best practice approach to maintenance and prevention of fleas and ticks for your family. If you have any questions or concerns specifically related to your pet, we recommend consulting with your trusted veterinarian.

My pet takes medication and/or has a medical condition. Can I use this product?

For pets with pre-existing conditions or unique needs, we recommend working with a trusted veterinarian to identify the best flea and tick maintenance and prevention program for your pet.

How does the product work?

Our natural flea and tick products are designed to provide a natural and effective option for managing fleas and ticks on both the pet and within the pet’s environment. However, it is important to understand that different products are designed to work differently to support a comprehensive flea/tick control program. Our topical spot-on drops and collar products are designed to kill fleas/ticks by contact, as well as repel, for up to 30 days. Our home/yard sprays are designed to kill fleas and ticks by contact during initial application but do not have a lasting residual effect. For best results, our products should be used in support of a pest control and maintenance program. They are not designed to treat recurrent or severe flea/tick infestations.

How often can I apply the product?

Please follow usage instructions on the label of the product regarding appropriate cadence of application. Reapplying products sooner than advised does not increase the effectiveness of the product and can result in unintended side effects in your pet.

How long can I continue to use the product?

Our products are designed to be used in support of an ongoing pest control and maintenance program and should be utilized as directed for flea and tick control and prevention.

I have heard that essential oils can be harmful to pets. Is this product safe?

While some essential oils can certainly be toxic to pets if used in the wrong application/inclusion, our products are carefully formulated at appropriate therapeutic inclusion rates, using only the highest quality ingredients. These inclusions are deemed both safe and effective when used as directed by the EPA and state-driven regulations for this product type. However, as each animal is unique with regards to potential sensitivities, a test spot application should always be conducted and carefully monitored prior to more general application of the product. We always recommend that you work with your trusted veterinarian on a flea and tick prevention plan that works best for your furry family members and their specific needs.

HOME SPRAY: Can my pets be in the space while the product is being applied? If not, when can they safely reenter?

Our home/yard sprays are designed to kill fleas and ticks by contact during initial application while the product is wet. We recommend that the application space is free of pets and humans until the product dries.

HOME SPRAY: Can I use this spray in a home with multiple species present?

This spray can be used in a multi species pet home when applied as directed to home surfaces. However, it is important to recognize that sensitivities vary amongst different species and individual pets. If you have specific concerns regarding pets in the household and sensitivities, it is best to work with your trusted veterinarian, who understands your environments and individual pets best, to determine if this product will be a good fit for your family. Please note application directly to the pet should be restricted to ONLY species listed on the product label.

HOME SPRAY: What frequency/duration can the product be applied?

Our Flea and Tick Home Sprays can be used up to twice daily within a 24 hour period, allowing 2-4 hours between application. The frequency of reapplication depends on the needs of your home and we recommend monitoring the area and reapplying at a suitable schedule for your environment.

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